Apple Watch Series 2

18 Nov
Apple Watch
The new Apple Watch Series 2

The first wearable I purchased, and used daily to track my fitness activity was the Nike Fuel Band. I enjoyed wearing this device and was sad Nike discontinued the product. The day Apple announced the Apple Watch I immediately became a fan. I was an early adopter for the Apple Watch when it launched, and have been wearing once ever since. I have upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 2 and absolutely love it! The size is the same, however the speed is much better and you don’t need to have your iPhone with you at all times. It’s great for working out and tracking activity. The new watch is water resistant to 50 meters, and has built in GPS. The screen is also 2x brighter than the original and has improved battery life. I highly recommend this watch to track all your activity and get notifications from your iPhone.

Oakley Radar Pace – Review

18 Nov
The new Oakley Radar Pace with virtual coach.
The new Oakley Radar Pace with virtual coach.

I tested out the Oakley Radar Pace on a 10 mile cycle ride the other day. They are really cool! The Prizm lenses are superb. The fit and comfort feel great on your face. I enjoyed the updates from the virtual coach, and I think the technology is only going to get better. My average speed was 15 mph on my ride and higher so I did notice more wind noises in my ears with the headphones than just wearing my regular Oakley Radar glasses. A few times I couldn’t get the coach to hear me while riding, but overall experience they are very impressive. So the question is will I wear them when I cycle? It’ll vary depending on the ride to be honest. I will switch between my custom Oakley Radar EV’s and the Radar Pace when training and not riding with anyone. The tech is exciting and I look forward to future improvements. The glasses are great if you’re active and love to train. I highly recommend them. Checkout the official page on Oakley’s website.

Alkaline Water – after 4 weeks of drinking

12 Nov

I have been reading lately on water and the health benefits of  consuming Alkaline Water. I decided to do a quick study. I purchased some Eternal Water from Whole Foods. I tried to drink a gallon or more each day. I’ve always had some acid reflux issues and would drink lots of carbonated Perrier and LaCroix water to help belch out the gas or I would use tums or pepcidac pills. After the switch of drinking only Alkaline Water at my discretion, at home, traveling or at the office. Yes, I would drink water with lemon if I was out at a restaurant etc. I can say that more than 95% of my consumption was from the Eternal brand. I have no endorsement to this brand, I like the water. I can honestly say that I have had NO acid indigestion, and have NOT needed any tums, pepcid, or any antacid pills. I don’t even need to drink the carbonated waters anymore cause I have no internal gas to get out. This has been a great choice in my life, and I plan to continue. We as humans are made up of over 60% of water, and there are plenty of studies about water consumption. In short there are lots of great articles about consuming alkaline water, here is one to get you up to speed from

iPhone 7 ios 10.1.1 killed my phone

01 Nov

So in today’s information abundant world, when you are without a phone for a couple hours you get all flustered wondering whats going on in the digital world as the phones have become our source of information and communication. Yesterday I decided to update my iPhone 7 plus to 10.1.1. and well the update got to 98% and stalled, however I was able to use my apple watch to receive and send text messages. I ended up not having the phone from 3pm until around 10 am this morning, almost a full day with no phone! And, most importantly I survived lol! I really enjoyed not having the phone, and it was great to be consumed by all this data for nearly 24 hours. I must admit I went out with friends and the photos taken on the Android phones looked like photos from the first generation iPhone. Folks stop bitching an get an iphone 7, just the camera alone is worth it and the enhanced security compared to *cough* *cough* Android.

2016 Trek Emonda S 4

01 Nov

Trek Emonda S 4

I took a couple of my Trek bikes in for service and the nice folks let me go test a demo 2016 Emonda S 4 road bike. This is a great bike, smooth and fast gearing, and looks great. The seat was firmer than on my FX (I’m a newbie) but the overall feel and speed was really nice. This is the next step bike from my 2014 FX. The weather here in Florida is great for biking right now. The gearing is all in the handlebars and you have 3 different positions to hold onto the bars. The brakes felt good but I just rode on flat roads around the shop. The steering is very precise compared to my FX and the position and balancing are very different compared to the FX. This bike just wants to go, and is really smooth. The bike is $1499 and they are on sale for $1299. I reckon you check it out.

Cigars for Celebration – Arturo Fuente Opus X

01 Nov

Years ago when my military friends arrived safely back home we would celebrate by drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. I stopped smoking celebratory cigars years ago after my grandfather passed away from lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker back in his day and also worked in the coal mines, and a GM factory at final paint inspection for pickup trucks. One of my best friends was in town and wanted a cigar so I agreed since it’s been so many years, and lit one up. We didn’t just choose any, it’s always been Arturo Fuente Opus X brand cigars that we smoke and wow they are awesome! They are pricey from $15 up to $90 a cigar but well worth it if you want a great burning cigar. I highly recommend trying them out. We enjoyed them so much that we smoked again the next night he was in town, and today is his birthday, does this call for 3 nights in a row? We shall see.