I was born just north of Toronto, Canada. The family moved to Boca Raton, Florida to get away from the cold weather. As I grew up in Boca Raton I played many sports like Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Hockey. I loved sports and competition. This was clearly my passion growing up a couple miles from Boca Beach. In middle school my family decided to move back to Canada to help my grandmother as she was getting older. My parents decided for a family holiday to drive down to Orlando, Florida for Christmas in 1996. I remember my Mom saying “we are not going back up to Canada, we are moving here” and the rest is history. I completed high school in Orlando and started working my junior year at Ferrari of Central Florida.

I started washing cars, and then got involved with Service, Parts and then Sales. I started in sales in my early 20’s and moved up to Sales Manager, and then General Sales Manager. F1 and Ferrari were my interests outside of sports. My career changed when my mother became ill with Glioblastoma, Brain Cancer in April of 2013. At this point life changed for the entire family. I decided to cut my hours at work to help the family. I ended up working from home in order to help my mom with her 20 month fight until the end in December 2014. I learned lots by going to the hospital 2x a week to see the doctors and all the  patients suffering from cancer and receiving treatments that would just prolong their time. It made me realize that time was the most important thing in life. After I got back into work on a  full time basis in 2015 I decided that having time and health are more important to me than anything, and I decided to  resignmy position on July 1, 2015 to focus on other challenges. I wanted to tackle software, and learn more about programming and creating apps for ios.

This section is a work in progress…