HIMMS Conference in Orlando

23 Feb

It was great to attend the HIMMS17 conference in Orlando, Florida this week.

I was able to see a live hack demo by Kevin Mitnick and also hear a presentation by Frank Abagnale.

A bit of background on both individuals:

Kevin performing several hacks in Orlando,Florida at the 2017 HIMMS conference.

Kevin Mitnick was a hacker in the 1990’s and was arrested in 1995 and spent 5 years in prison for various communications-related crimes. He was on the FBI most wanted list, however he may have taken data, he never used it for personal gain. Th hacking he did was just for personal challenges to see what could obtain. He is now a best selling author and does computer security consulting. You can learn more about him on his wikipedia page here. He also has two books which I recommend you read. You can find more information on his website at mitnicksecurity.com

A presentation by Frank Abagnale in Orlando, Florida for HIMMS conference 2017

Frank Abagnale is famous for his story running away at 16 and flying over a million miles around the world by utilizing the jumpseat on airliners pretending to be a pilot. He produced his own checks and lived an interesting life until getting caught. He also spent time in jail and then worked out a deal with the FBI and has been with them for over the past 30 years assisting in fraud. If you saw the movie Catch Me If You Can, this film was inspired on his life story.

I recommend you read both books and watch the film Catch Me If You Can. The two gentleman broke the law, and are now top consultants in their respective fields. They both do many speaking engagements and if you get an opportunity to see them do it!

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