Apple Watch Series 2

18 Nov
Apple Watch
The new Apple Watch Series 2

The first wearable I purchased, and used daily to track my fitness activity was the Nike Fuel Band. I enjoyed wearing this device and was sad Nike discontinued the product. The day Apple announced the Apple Watch I immediately became a fan. I was an early adopter for the Apple Watch when it launched, and have been wearing once ever since. I have upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 2 and absolutely love it! The size is the same, however the speed is much better and you don’t need to have your iPhone with you at all times. It’s great for working out and tracking activity. The new watch is water resistant to 50 meters, and has built in GPS. The screen is also 2x brighter than the original and has improved battery life. I highly recommend this watch to track all your activity and get notifications from your iPhone.

iPhone 7 ios 10.1.1 killed my phone

01 Nov

So in today’s information abundant world, when you are without a phone for a couple hours you get all flustered wondering whats going on in the digital world as the phones have become our source of information and communication. Yesterday I decided to update my iPhone 7 plus to 10.1.1. and well the update got to 98% and stalled, however I was able to use my apple watch to receive and send text messages. I ended up not having the phone from 3pm until around 10 am this morning, almost a full day with no phone! And, most importantly I survived lol! I really enjoyed not having the phone, and it was great to be consumed by all this data for nearly 24 hours. I must admit I went out with friends and the photos taken on the Android phones looked like photos from the first generation iPhone. Folks stop bitching an get an iphone 7, just the camera alone is worth it and the enhanced security compared to *cough* *cough* Android.