Apple Watch Series 2

18 Nov
Apple Watch
The new Apple Watch Series 2

The first wearable I purchased, and used daily to track my fitness activity was the Nike Fuel Band. I enjoyed wearing this device and was sad Nike discontinued the product. The day Apple announced the Apple Watch I immediately became a fan. I was an early adopter for the Apple Watch when it launched, and have been wearing once ever since. I have upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 2 and absolutely love it! The size is the same, however the speed is much better and you don’t need to have your iPhone with you at all times. It’s great for working out and tracking activity. The new watch is water resistant to 50 meters, and has built in GPS. The screen is also 2x brighter than the original and has improved battery life. I highly recommend this watch to track all your activity and get notifications from your iPhone.

New Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

29 Oct
Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro

The time has finally arrived and Apple has launched new Apple MacBook Pro’s!! We have all been waiting way to long for this new laptop!

Same anticipated updates, faster, more power, thinner, and lighter, brightest display ever, new touch bar, touchid to login quickly.

According to Apple the graphics are up to 130% faster The display is 67% brighter, and it’s 17% thinner.

I’m selling my iMac and Dell XPS laptop for a MacBook Pro 15″. As i write this post I use a MacBook Retina Early 2016 which I love.

Why am I upgrading? My iMac only has 1 TB storage and my Dell XPS 15 has 1 TB of storage. The MacBook Pro is now available with storage up to 2 TB. I use my iMace 75% of the time, and Im right around 1TB in use for all my apple documents, files, and work. This new system will allow me to use the MacBook Pro as my primary but allow me yo also windows in bootcamp allocating around 400 Gigs for a Windows Setup. This is ideal for my work and finally enough space to work with both operating systems with one computer.

iPhone 7 Plus – Get one!

04 Oct

Yes I upgraded to the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and I love it! The usual yearly updates, faster processor, better camera, updated and improved iOS software. The biggest reason to upgrade is the dual camera on the 5.5 inch phone in my opinion. The dual camera system is a noticeable improvement and the photos are awesome. I’ll post several photos on here in raw format so you can see the results. It took a couple days to get adjusted to the larger 5.5″ screen size since I was using the smaller 4.7″ phones the past few years. I’m glad the headphone jack is gone and I look forward to the wireless ear buds later this month.

iphone 7 plus screenshot