Alkaline Water – after 4 weeks of drinking

12 Nov

I have been reading lately on water and the health benefits of  consuming Alkaline Water. I decided to do a quick study. I purchased some Eternal Water from Whole Foods. I tried to drink a gallon or more each day. I’ve always had some acid reflux issues and would drink lots of carbonated Perrier and LaCroix water to help belch out the gas or I would use tums or pepcidac pills. After the switch of drinking only Alkaline Water at my discretion, at home, traveling or at the office. Yes, I would drink water with lemon if I was out at a restaurant etc. I can say that more than 95% of my consumption was from the Eternal brand. I have no endorsement to this brand, I like the water. I can honestly say that I have had NO acid indigestion, and have NOT needed any tums, pepcid, or any antacid pills. I don’t even need to drink the carbonated waters anymore cause I have no internal gas to get out. This has been a great choice in my life, and I plan to continue. We as humans are made up of over 60% of water, and there are plenty of studies about water consumption. In short there are lots of great articles about consuming alkaline water, here is one to get you up to speed from