Cigars for Celebration – Arturo Fuente Opus X

01 Nov

Years ago when my military friends arrived safely back home we would celebrate by drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. I stopped smoking celebratory cigars years ago after my grandfather passed away from lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker back in his day and also worked in the coal mines, and a GM factory at final paint inspection for pickup trucks. One of my best friends was in town and wanted a cigar so I agreed since it’s been so many years, and lit one up. We didn’t just choose any, it’s always been Arturo Fuente Opus X brand cigars that we smoke and wow they are awesome! They are pricey from $15 up to $90 a cigar but well worth it if you want a great burning cigar. I highly recommend trying them out. We enjoyed them so much that we smoked again the next night he was in town, and today is his birthday, does this call for 3 nights in a row? We shall see.